A novel method for increasing MHC presentation of oncogene derived neoantigens

Tech ID: 31833 / UC Case 2020-070-0

Invention Novelty

The invention describes a platform technology that increases MHC presentation of oncogene derived peptide neoantigens that do not normally occur in the cell. The platform has already been used to identify a method of increasing KRAS G12 D/V derived peptide presentation on MHC- I.

Value Proposition

  • The invention provides a platform to screen computationally and experimentally for a cell’s ability to present cancer neoantigens. 
  • The technology provides a strategy to enhance antigen presentation and bring intracellular oncogenes to the cell surface so that they are visible by T-cell surveillance. 
  • The technology provides a new dimension of therapeutic intervention for cancer as it expands the repertoire of epitopes targetable by small molecules and/or immunotherapy.
  • Targeting driver oncogenes is advantageous because it is cancer specific and is essential for cancer growth.


Looking for Partners

We are looking for partnerships to further develop the technology as a platform that enhances cellular presentation of various oncogenes by MHC and to develop cancer therapeutics using this approach.

Stage of Development

Proof of concept

Data Availability


Patent Status

Patent Pending


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Other Information


oncogene-derived neoantigen, MHC presentation, small molecule

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