Laser Diode With Tunnel Junction Contact Surface Grating

Tech ID: 31761 / UC Case 2019-938-0


Tunnel junction contacts substantially improve the conductivity and reduce operating voltages for current laser diodes. Distributed feedback (DFB) gratings enable the wavelength compatibility, high spectral purity, and frequency stability of current laser diodes. Combining these two elements in a single device affords new design, fabrication and performance benefits.


Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have symbiotically merged the performance-enhancing properties of tunnel junction contacts and DFB gratings to realize new opportunities for laser diode design. The individual fabrication properties of the DFB grating and the tunnel junction contact complement each other by improving the fabrication techniques of the other component. Using a tunnel junction contact allows the DFB grating to be closer to the active region, improving the coupling between the grating and the lasing mode. Using a DFB grating leaves areas of exposed p-type GaN, facilitating activation of the p-type layers without additional device processing that is typically necessary for MOCVD-grown tunnel junction designs.


  • Improved conductivity
  • Reduced operating voltage
  • Single longitudinal mode emission
  • Reduced optical losses
  • Simple fabrication


  • Laser Diodes

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Patent Pending


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DFB grating, tunnel junction, MOCVD, GaN, laser diode

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