Low-Cost Paper-Based Microfluidic Diagnostic Device

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In resource limited areas of the world, there is a current need for low-cost diagnostics for healthcare purposes. Recently, paper-based microfluidic devices have shown promise as a low-cost diagnostic platform, however, this would not serve as a viable solution due to a lack of sensitive detecting methods that can be applied to the paper substrate.

Brief Description

Prof. Mulchandani and his colleagues from the University of California, Riverside have developed a new paper-based microfluidic platform for the simple and low-cost fabrication of single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT)-based chemiresistive nanobiosensor arrays for multianalyte sensing from a single small volume sample that may be used as point-of-care diagnostic for a variety of purposes, including healthcare, food safety, environment, etc.

This device is created by utilizing a wax printer to construct well-defined hydrophobic barriers for equal splitting and delivery of fluid and an inkjet printer to fabricate chemiresistors using a water-based SWNT ink on a paper substrate. Currently, the quantitative and selective detection of both human serum albumin (HSA) and human immunoglobulin G (hIgG) simultaneously in urine has been demonstrated by UCR. This paper-based chemiresistive biosensor is easy to fabricate, and designed for cost-effective, rapid, sensitive and selective detection of  analyte(s) of interest.

This technology provides a platform for automated, disposable paper-based point-of-care diagnostics with multiplexed detection capability and microfluidic controls.


Fig 1: A 3D microfluidic multiplexed paper-based biosensor array device.


  • This platform may be the basis of a low-cost method for fabricating biosensors for resource-limited regions and such biosensors may be used as diagnostics for healthcare, food safety or environmental purposes.
  • This technology may serve as a platform for automated, disposable paper-based diagnostics.

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Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Application 2021041985 03/04/2021 2020-211

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