A Method for Signal Characterization

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UCLA researchers in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering have developed a method and apparatus to rapidly analyze optical and electrical signals at very high bandwidths while accommodating advanced signal modulation for lower cost and improved energy consumption.


Accurate measurements of electrical and optical signals are critical in testing the compliance of signals to transmission standards. As optical fiber communication technologies are reaching data rates of 100-400 GB/s to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for data bandwidth, such measurements are becoming more challenging.As the data rates continue to increase, the cost, size and power consumption of conventional test equipment has become inadequate. Better and faster testing of components are needed to test and maintain the compliance of high data rate signals to transmission standards.


UCLA researchers led by Dr. Jalali have developed an instrumentation and measurement system that can analyze high-speed optical signals, enabling fast characterization of optical and electrical devices and in-service analysis of optical data in a communication system. An improvement of the previously reported Time-stretch enhanced recording (TiSER) oscilloscope technology, this invention maintains the advantage of lower cost, lower energy consumption and high resolution at high bandwidth, while accommodating both optical data and electrical data. The system enables analysis of advanced signal modulation formats, such as coherent and pulse amplitude modulation schemes, using a coherent time-stretch accelerated processor. The system also uses a unique method to measure eye diagram for serial and measure bit error rates in significantly less time than required by existing technologies.


  • Signal processing 
  • Wireless and radio communication 
  • High quality imaging 
  • Manufacture and quality control


  • Lower cost 
  • Lower energy consumption 
  • High resolution by increased Effective Number of Bits (ENOB) 
  • Broader bandwidth accommodation 
  • Enables advanced signal modulation formats

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  • Jalali, Bahram

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data rates, bandwidth, eye diagram, signal analysis, bit error

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