Wearable Monitor of Attentional Integrity and Mental Strain

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UCLA researchers in the Department of Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences have developed a novel brain monitoring device that can be worn inconspicuously.


Today, there exists a profound consumer appetite for wearable technology that can read neurobiological signals in the attempt to improve aspects of human health. Electroencephalography (EEG) based headsets have led to inventions on the market that detect various levels of: interest, engagement, stress, excitement, focus, and relaxation. Other EEG devices have sub-niches like meditation, where the user of a device is better guided through self-care exercises.

While these devices have made much headway into developing a market for wearable neurobiological reading devices, many suffer from a lack of subtlety. This means that many users utilize these technologies in private spaces, limiting data collection and thus the overall effectiveness of the device. For instance, due to limited use throughout the day, no device currently on the market is capable of monitoring and assessing the attentional integrity or mental strain of a user from tasks throughout the day. In an ever fast paced work society, the use of such a device may lead to lower observed stress levels. Therefore, the identification of a discrete wearable neurobiological device that could gauge attentional integrity or mental strain throughout the day, could be indispensable.


Dr. Lenartowicz at UCLA has developed a novel discrete neurobiological recording device that is capable of measuring user attentional integrity and mental strain throughout the day. The device is worn on the back of the head connecting to the lower ears, remaining out of sight and appropriate for prolonged, daily monitoring of attentional health. Importantly, the algorithms that are used for the device are unique and differentiate from competing devices on the market. The collected data is well integrated into common everyday devices like smartphones, leading to greater user controllability of the device. For instance, users can determine specific activities to record and assess the degree of mental strain. Therefore, the presented device represents a first-in-class, discrete EEG based device capable of monitoring user activity throughout the day.


  • Measurement of stressful activities throughout the day 
  • Use of the device to better tune concentration to certain activities


  • Discrete use for long-term data collection  
  • Ability to measure concentration and mental strain

State Of Development

The invention has been conceived in thought and is currently being developed.

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  • Lenartowicz, Agatha

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