Viral Expression Vector Targeting HIV-1

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UCLA researchers from the Department of Microbiology, Immunology, & Molecular Genetics have developed a viral expression vector that combines two reagents effective against HIV-1 infection.


Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) has decreased the morbidity and mortality of human immune deficiency virus (HIV) in all parts of the world.  The effectiveness of this life-long treatment however is limited by the side effects and long term toxicities of the medications, their cost, and the often rapid development of drug resistance.  Hematopoietic progenitor/stem cell (HPSC) based approaches may provide a continuous means of controlling HIV after a single or infrequent doses.


UCLA researchers have developed a new viral expression vector capable of inhibiting binding of HIV to the cell and preventing HIV fusion into the cell.  By targeting two different aspects of HIV infection, this combination viral expression vector increases treatment efficacy.  The vector targets both CCR5, the primary HIV-1 co-receptor, as well as C46, an HIV entry inhibitor.  Combination therapy protects from diverse strains of HIV and to prevent the emergence of drug resistant mutations.  This new approach holds great promise as a one time or infrequent therapy that can eliminate the need for HAART.  C46 and lentiviral vector transduction have been shown to be safe and non-immunogenic through human and antiviral studies.


  • HIV gene therapy


  • Single of infrequent dose needed
  • Dual targets of action
  • Potentially curative
  • Eliminates need for lifelong HAART drugs
  • Reduced cost of lifetime treatment
  • Can reconstitute AIDS damaged immune systems

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
Hong Kong Issued Patent 1168509 12/18/2015 2010-709
Japan Issued Patent 5828838 12/09/2015 2010-709
Spain Issued Patent 2546663 09/25/2015 2010-709
Russian Federation Issued Patent 2562868 09/10/2015 2010-709
Australia Issued Patent 2010274031 07/16/2015 2010-709
Belgium Issued Patent 2453735 07/08/2015 2010-709
Germany Issued Patent 2453735 07/08/2015 2010-709
France Issued Patent 2453735 07/08/2015 2010-709
United Kingdom Issued Patent 2453735 07/08/2015 2010-709
Italy Issued Patent 2453735 07/08/2015 2010-709
United States Of America Published Application 20160243169 08/25/2016 2010-709
European Patent Office Published Application 2949208 12/02/2015 2010-709
Australia Published Application 2015213417 09/10/2015 2010-709
United States Of America Published Application 20120201794 08/09/2012 2010-709
Canada Published Application 2767972 01/20/2011 2010-709

Additional Patents Pending


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  • Chen, Irvin S.Y.

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HIV, AIDS, gene therapy, CCR5, C46, HPSC, stem cells, viral expression, viral vector, transplant

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