Secure Advanced Monitoring Systems

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Maintaining secure networks is critical for large and high-value institutions, but providing technical staff with remote direct access to sensitive systems and real-time operational data can be vital to protecting value. For example, UC San Diego maintains highly-secure networks, yet there is a need to provide monitoring for freezer systems that contain priceless samples and materials that are often irreplaceable

Technology Description

UC San Diego researchers discovered that the current technology for these applications were simply not suitable for the needed purpose, and the systems were over-priced for the functionality they offered. UCSD researchers invented, built, and implemented, an advanced system that actually met their technical needs. This system is operational, highly functional, and helping to protect the incalculable value contained within banks of some of UCSD’s deep-freezers.


This patent-pending technology allows sensors to be placed within the proximity of the systems (such as deep-freezers) needing monitoring, and then connected to a secure network. Software tools and configurations then facilitate remote access by authorized technical staff, and alerts to be sent, and for supervisory staff to have oversight, across the entire system. The technology has been successfully implemented, and is running 24/7. The system is providing the real-time monitoring, within a secure environment, of high-value resources. 

State Of Development

This patent-pending and copyright-protected suite of technologies is now available for licensing, to an organization that can rapidly and effectively roll-out this technology on a commercial basis. There are orders on-hand for at least forty (40) systems, and more orders are expected. The current demand cannot possibly be fulfilled by a public university like UCSD, so we now seek a skilled entrepreneur to take on this technology and opportunity.

Intellectual Property Info

Patent-pending & copyrighted. Technology manual, including schematics and design configurations are included.

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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Remote temperature monitoring, secure system, network, high-value, continuous temperature monitoring, real-time monitoring, freezer monitoring

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