Catechol Functionalized Elastin-Like Polypeptide Adhesives

Tech ID: 29969 / UC Case 2019-068-0

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Patent Pending

Brief Description

Reliably reconnecting severed tissues is a critical part of any invasive medical procedure. Although, sutures and staples are ideal choices due to their effectiveness, adhesives hold great promise as alternatives for bonding tissues. Although many bio-adhesives are commercially available, no product yet combines all desirable properties such as consistent adhesion to wet surfaces, mechanical durability, molecular-level customizability and biocompatibility.

UC Berkeley research have developed a recombinant protein-based adhesive by chemically functionalizing elastin-like polypeptides (ELPs).  These ELPs form stable and flexible hydrogels de-swell in aqueous conditions. An additional strength of using recombinant proteins is exhibited by significantly enhancing cell binding to this ELP by a simple modular addition of an engineered protein with ‘RGD’ peptides. 

Suggested uses

  • Surgical sealing and bonding applications


  • Mechanical tests for adhesion of this ELP on wet porcine skin show tensile and lap-shear strengths of 37 kPa and 39 kPa, respectively

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  • Lee, Seung-Wuk

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