ABSTRACT: Method for camera motion estimation and correction

Tech ID: 29656 / UC Case 2014-046-0


A motion estimation and correction system and methods are shown comprising: an image acquisition device configured to acquire an image via scanning an image frame over a period of time, an inertial measurement unit configured to measure at least one of a position, an orientation, and a movement of the image acquisition device during the period of time and output an indication of the movement as detected; and a state estimation module, operatively coupled to the inertial measurement unit and the image acquisition device, configured to estimate a state related to at least one of position and orientation of the image acquisition device based on the at least one of the position, the orientation, and the movement. In one example, systems and methods include using an inertial measurement unit along with an image acquisition device. In one example, the image acquisition device includes a rolling-shutter camera.

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Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 9,967,463 05/08/2018 2014-046


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