ABSTRACT: Avocado Tree Named "Harvest"

Tech ID: 29647 / UC Case 1997-162-0


A distinct variety of Persea americana tree with an open spreading growth habit is exhibited. The tree exhibits an alternate bearing character similar to that of the widely-grown ‘Hass’ variety (non-patented in the United States). The fruit is inverted high spheroid-shaped, is generally black-skinned, is well distributed around the tree, and commonly is larger than that of the ‘Hass’ variety. The leaves are generally oval-shaped. The fruit eating quality is good when fully ripe and the flesh is free of obvious fibers. The variety is suitable for the production of quality avocado crop under commercial growing conditions.

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 14,238 10/14/2003 1997-162


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