ABSTRACT: Production of synthetic transportation fuels from carbonaceous material

Tech ID: 29601 / UC Case 2001-516-0


The need to identity new resources and methods for the production of transportation fuels requires not only investigating improvements in ways to produce current petroleum-based fuel but also research into new methods for the synthesis of functionally equivalent alternative fuels obtained using resources and methods that are not in use today. The production of synthetic liquid fuels from carbonaceous materials such as waste organic materials is one way to solve these problems. The utilization of carbonaceous waste materials to produce synthetic fuels can be considered a feasible method of obtaining new resources for fuel production since the material feed stock is already considered a waste without value and often it's disposal creates additional sources of environmental pollution.

Researchers at the University of California, Riverside have developed a process for producing a synthesis gas for use as a gaseous fuel or as feed into a Fischer-Tropsch reactor to produce a liquid fuel in a substantially self-sustaining process. A slurry of particles of carbonaceous material in water, and hydrogen from an internal source, are fed into a hydro-gasification reactor under conditions whereby methane rich producer gases are generated and fed into a steam pyrolytic reformer under conditions whereby synthesis gas comprising hydrogen and carbon monoxide are generated. A portion of the hydrogen generated by the steam pyrolytic reformer is fed through a hydrogen purification filter into the hydro-gasification reactor, the hydrogen therefrom constituting the hydrogen from an internal source. The remaining synthesis gas generated by the steam pyrolytic reformer is either used as fuel for a gaseous fueled engine to produce electricity and/or process heat or is fed into a Fischer-Tropsch or similar reactor under conditions whereby a liquid fuel is produced.


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Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 7,500,997 03/10/2009 2001-516


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