Multi-Staged Gutta Percha Biomaterial Embedded With Nanodiamond Matrix

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UCLA researchers in the Department of Oral Biology have developed a novel root canal filling material composed of gutta percha modified with nanodiamond matrix with or without antibiotic agents.


There is a widespread need for root canal treatment (RCT) procedures since pulp tissue infection can result from a spectrum of issues including trauma, caries, and periodontitis. The current standard material for RCT obturation is gutta-percha (GP), however, it has been associated with microleakage and poor mechanical properties that leads to fracture and buckling. Detonation nanodiamonds (NDs) are promising drug delivery agents due to their uniquely faceted surfaces with diverse chemical groups, electrostatic properties, and biocompatibility.


The inventors have developed an improved root canal filling material or obturation material: gutta perchamodified with nanodiamonds and/or nanodiamonds adsorbed with antibiotic/antimicrobial agent(s). The composite can come in different shapes, cone (points) or cylinder (pellet), and can be embedded either in a homogenous or multi-staged manner. By taking advantage of the ND surface chemistry, a broad-spectrum antibiotic, like amoxicillin, can be adsorbed to the ND surface. Furthermore, the modified matrix is compatible with traditional obturation techniques, such as lateral condensation and vertical condensation.


  • Root canal filling or obturation
  • Orthopedic regenerative medicine
  • Broader tissue engineering


  • Versatile surface chemistry allows a broad-spectrum of antibiotics 
  • Antimicrobial 
  • Enhanced mechanical properties compare to regular GP 
  • Thermal stabilization of the antimicrobial agent adsorbed to the nanodiamond 
  • Applicable with traditional obturation techniques

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Patent Pending

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  • Ho, Dean

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Gutta percha, nanodiamond, root canal, antimicrobial, antibiotic

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