Compact Vertical Optical Emitter and Interlayer Coupling

Tech ID: 29195 / UC Case 2017-565-0


Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed a vertical optical phased array with compact spacing (1-2 microns) and low loss (~1dB) capable of forming 3D photonic integrated circuits.

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As the miniaturization of optical phased arrays continues, signal propagation and power dissipation become critical for high performance. These phased arrays use short operating wavelengths (e.g. 1.55 microns) which imposes challenging requirements for their use in photonic antennas, phase modulators and waveguides.

Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed a vertical optical emitter utilizing to reflect and transmit light with compact spacing and low loss. The invention uses reflectors, inverted reflectors and a via for superior beam-steering and receiving performance. Capable of single-side emission, the invention can be configured in multiple planes to form three-dimensional integrated circuits. The invention is also CMOS-compatible and can be easily scaled at low cost.


  • Optical phased array systems and photonic integrated circuits
  • Communications
  • Holographic display


  • Single-side emission
  • Wafer-scale, CMOS-compatible
  • 3D implementation
  • Compact spacing, low loss


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  • Shang, Kuanping
  • Yoo, S.J. Ben
  • Zhang, Yu

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vertical optical emitter, emission, interlayer coupling, optical phased arrays, OPA, three-dimensional integrated circuits, 3D circuits, 3-D circuits, integrated optics devices, nanostructure fabrication, single-side emission, waveguides, optical modulator

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