Supercapacitor With Non-Planar Electrodes

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UCLA researchers have developed a solid-state supercapacitor structure with non-planar electrodes and ionogels dielectric medium.


Supercapacitors are widely applicable and have been developed commercially, usually for bulk energy storage applications. Supercapacitors are significantly more efficient for rapid charge-discharge cycles, such as those seen in an electric car. A supercapacitor device is typically composed of two metal plates and a liquid electrolyte. Because of the liquid electrolyte, these supercapacitors require tough, rigid packaging and are resistant to miniaturization. By contrast, standard capacitors use a solid electrolyte to minimize internal resistance and maximize charge retention.


UCLA researchers have developed a supercapacitor structure with non-planar electrodes and solid-state electrolytes. One possible electrode structure is an array of conductive quasi-one-dimensional nanostructures formed vertically and orthogonal to a planar metallic surface. The design combines the advantage of high surface area and high conductivity for nanostructured electrodes with the convenience of solid-state electrolyte, enabling miniaturization of supercapacitor devices for on-chip applications.The high surface area and high electrical conductivity allow excellent energy and power density.


  • On-chip energy storage
  • Emergency backup power supply
  • Low-power remote sensing devices
  • Miniaturization of supercapacitor devices


  • High surface area, which enables high energy storage density
  • High levels of capacitance within a small footprint (cm2 or less)
  • High electrical conductivity, which enables high power density
  • Solid state device: thinner, lighter, more flexible

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 9,570,244 02/14/2017 2011-469

Related Materials

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  • Dunn, Bruce S.

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supercapacitor; nanostructure; cabon nanotube; ionogel; solid-state; energy storage

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