Amorphous Silicon And Polymer Hybrid Tandem Photovoltaic Cell

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UCLA researchers in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering have developed a novel hybrid organic-inorganic solar cell that has a power conversion efficiency of ~10.5%.


High-performance solar cells are usually multi-junction, or tandem, consisting of multiple active layers of different inorganic or organic materials, where each absorbs different regions of the solar spectrum. Although Si is typically used to fabricate solar cells, few tandem Si-based solar cells are viable. The use of organic materials for solar cells is advantageous because of its low manufacturing costs and wide applications, but needs significant performance improvement. Hybrid tandem cells offer an interesting alternative, combining inorganic and organic materials. To date, hybrid multi-junction solar cells have been demonstrated, but have low efficiencies (~5-7%). Further improvements need to be made for hybrid tandem cells to be practical for real world applications.


A research team led by Professor Yang Yang has invented a novel hybrid tandem solar cell that combines amorphous Si with a conjugated polymer layer to achieve a tested efficiency of 10.5%, with potential efficiencies as high as ~13.5% after optimization. These materials are advantageous because they can be manufactured with inexpensive roll-to-roll techniques. The combination of organic and inorganic materials used in this technology makes for a low-cost, lightweight, and flexible solar cell.


  • Grid solar power
  • Roof solar panels
  • Automobile solar panels
  • Portable device solar panels


  • High efficiency ~10-13%
  • Solution processable
  • Roll-to-roll techniques
  • Low cost
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible

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United States Of America Published Application 20180019283 01/18/2018 2015-152


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