Modulation Of Lymphatic Valve And Vessel Formation To Treat Diseases, Such As Trasplant Rejection

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China Published Application CN109982658A 07/05/2018 2017-037
European Patent Office Published Application WO 2018/081436 05/03/2018 2017-037
Japan Published Application WO 2018/081436 05/03/2018 2017-037
Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Application WO2018081436 05/03/2018 2017-037

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Brief Description

Lymphatic Valve formation is associated with lymphangiogenesis, a pathological event that occurs in many diseases after inflammatory, infections, immunogenic or traumatic insults. These valves play critical roles in directing lymph flow inside the lymphatic vessels. The Lymphatic pathway is a primary mediator of immune responses, including transplant rejection. The current regimen of pharmacotherapy with corticosteroids is of limited efficacy and is fraught with serious side effects.


Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have identified Itga-9 is critically involved in lymphatic valve formation after pathological insults, and itga-9 blockade can reduce the number of lymphatic valves formed inside the pathological lymphatic vessels. Moreover, Itga-9 interference can be used to modulate immune responses and transplant rejection. Additionally, ITga-9 can be used to improve the therapeutic effects of other anti-lymphangiogenic molecules, such as VEGFR-3. When used in combination, the formulation of both valves and lymphatic vessels are greatly suppressed and better therapeutic outcomes can be achieved for severe diseases, such as high-risk transplant rejection.


Suggested uses

  • Prevent or treat lymphatic valve formation during corneal lymphangiogenesis
  • Modify the cornea before and after transplantation to improve graft survival
  • Suppress lymphatic valve and vessel formation and promote graft survival in other tissues or organs of the body
  • Manage other lymphatic disorders inside or outside the eye 



  • New and more specific and precise strategy to treat inflammatory or immune diseases 

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  • Chen, Lu

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