Wearable Sensor Arrays for Detailed Sweat Profiles

Tech ID: 25304 / UC Case 2016-013-0

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Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Application WO2017058806 04/06/2017 2016-013

Brief Description

Wearable technologies can play a significant role in realizing personalized medicine through continuously monitoring an individual’s physical and physiological states. Most currently developed wearable technologies are capable only in tracking the physical activities of an individual and fail to provide insight into the individual’s state of health. Human sweat contains the physiologically rich information needed to infer an individual’s sate of health and is an excellent candidate for non-invasive monitoring. The wearable sweat sensors can serve as an ideal platform for a wide range of real-time healthcare monitoring such as exercise-induced dehydration and medical diagnosis.

Suggested uses

  • Wearable electronics


  • Bridges a technological gap
  • Screening of multiple target biomarkers
  • Uses many off-the-shelf-parts

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  • Javey, Ali

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