Cross Reactive FET Array for Gas Mixture Detection

Tech ID: 25074 / UC Case 2015-169-0

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United States Of America Published Application 20180180573 06/28/2018 2015-169

Brief Description

Conventional chemical sensor discriminates different analytes by rejecting the interference using selective decorations on the sensor body. A cross-reactive chemical sensor array discriminates different analytes by interpreting the collective sensor response using signal processing technique, and solves for the interference. Commercial sensor manufacturers search for the optimal choice of material, identifier and the signal processing technique to maximize the sensor performance in terms of chemical detection and discrimination. To address the need, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have developed a platform with 2D material incorporated in a cross-reactive field effect transistor (FET) sensor array. By examining and manipulating the properties of the sensor array, researchers have invented a low power, high efficiency, and versatile chemical sensing technology that is promising for commercialization.

Suggested uses

  • Chemical sensing and analysis
  • Gas sensing and analysis
  • Environmental monitoring


  • Broad range of gas sensing applications
  • Efficient room temperature operation
  • Fully programmable via digital controls
  • Leverages industry standard supplies

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  • Lin, Liwei

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