Solution Processed Flexible Near-Infrared Organic Light Emitting Diodes And Organic Photodetectors for Wearable Sensors

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Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
China Published Application CN 108135474 A 06/08/2018 2015-059
United States Of America Published Application 20180116525 05/03/2018 2015-059
Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Application WO2016210357 12/29/2016 2015-059

Brief Description

Solution processed near-infrared (NIR) organic light emitting diodes and NIR absorbing organic photodetectors are physically flexibile, manufacturable with low cost roll-to-roll processes, and scalable to large areas and volumes. These characteristics make them attractive candidates for wearable sensors. Inorganic NIR emitters and detectors have recently been used in medical and imaging applications, but have been limited by their lack of ‘wearability’ due to inflexibility and high scaling costs. When interfaced with standard inorganic electronics for control, data processing, and data transmission, arrays of flexible organic NIR emitters and detectors will enable further development of new medical diagnostic techniques and therapies and personal security verification. 

Suggested uses

  • Detecting hematomas in medical patients due to blunt head trauma
  • Accelerating wound healing with near-infrared light therapy
  • Vein imaging for secure identity verification


An improvement over currently available handheld hematoma sensors for the following reasons:

  1. the ability of the flexible light sources and sensors to have a conformal fit to the head
  2. the fact that an array of multiple concurrent sensing locations will lead to better data reliability and signal‐to‐noise ratio (SNR) than current NIRS technology
  3. the continuous monitoring provided by wearable sensors will increase the chances of detecting a hematoma in a timely manner. 

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  • Arias, Ana Claudia

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