Energy Efficient Application System

Tech ID: 22875 / UC Case 2013-290-0

Brief Description

University researchers have developed a method to present energy consumption data in a physical-virtual environment consisting of actual electronic appliances and devices, or their virtual representations. Users interact with the physical-virtual environment while gaining energy consumption knowledge on various choices of electronic appliances and devices. Users have the option to submit voluntarily information of their own electronic devices and appliances, and their usage data to a self-aggregating database supporting the physical-virtual frontend. The voluntary submission of devices and appliances information can be done by photo via smart phone, video, simple text message, etc. The database system and server provides users feedback about their devices and an appliance’s current electricity usage, and recommends alternative more energy efficient appliances and devices for upgrade.The existing rebate program for these devices and appliances offered by utilities and retailors are included in the user feeback.

Suggested uses

This invention has utility in collecting voluntary field data of energy consumption for consumer electronics and appliances.

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Published Application 20150261644 09/17/2015 2013-290


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  • Li, Guann Pyng
  • Ouyang, Dawei
  • Zhang, Yang (Arthur)

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Energy efficiency, Consumer appliances

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