Peptides for Enhanced Intranasal Vaccination

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Vaccines have a total market size of around $32 billion (2016). This market is estimated to reach the level of nearly $48 billion by 2021, resulting in a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.3%. Delivering vaccinations intranasally at mucosal surfaces where M cells are found is a strategy that can help overcome the limitations of injected vaccines (i.e. needle disposal, trained medical staff to administer the vaccine, etc.). Such intranasal vaccines are a challenge to develop since they are live attenuated viruses and excessive heat or cold may damage such vaccines. In light of these challenges intranasal vaccines provide the benefit of a stronger and specific Th2 adaptive immune response when compared to injected vaccines. A new technology that is not a live virus and that may be used with current vaccines to enhance intranasal vaccination is desirable.

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Prof. David Lo and his colleagues at the University of Riverside have developed a novel peptide, CPE, that targets M cells. This novel peptide was conjugated to a recombinant influenza hemagglutinin and delivered with a cholera toxin intranasally to a mouse model. The subject mouse exhibited a strong IgA and IgG1 isotype response indicating that a strong Th2 response was elicited. As shown in the bar graphs below, after an initial three week course of immunization followed by an eleven week rest period, persistent antibody responses were evident along with enhanced IgA response in serum and in lung Broncho-Alveolar Lavage (BAL).





  • Intranasal vaccine with an improved immune response
  • Unlike live attenuated intransal vaccines, this novel peptide may not need the "cold chain" supply chain

Other Information

Lo, D.D. et al. M cell targeting by a Claudin 4 targeting peptide can enhance mucosal IgA responses. BMC Biotechnology. 15, 71 (2012).


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Infectious Agents, Infectious Pathway, Mucosal Vaccination, M cells, Th2, intranasal, vaccine, mucosal, IgA, cold chain, influenza

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