Concave Nanomagnets With Widely Tunable Anisotropy Properties

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United States Of America Issued Patent 8,766,754 07/01/2014 2012-062

Brief Description

Nanomagnets form the basis of the nanomagnetic logic field, in which data computation is achieved using magnetic field instead of electrical current. Circuits using nanomagnets would replace transistors in computers. There are many advantages of this technology, including small size and low power requirements. In order to achieve functional nanomagnet circuits, however, the nanomagnets themselves must be tunable.

Researchers at UC Berkeley have developed nanomagnets with concave geometries that can be used to achieve widely tunable anisotropy control. The tuning is in both direction and strength, making this invention useful in a wide variety of magnetic device applications.

Suggested uses

  • Nanomagnetic logic devices
  • Magnetic random access memory (MRAM) cells
  • Magnetic hard disk drives for information storage
  • Biomedical sensing applications using magnetic markers


  • Tunable anisotropy control
  • Allows fast and reliable computations 
  • Would consume up to 100 times less power than current computer technologies
  • Information storage non-volatile

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