Robotic Microsurgery System

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Researchers at UCLA have developed a high accuracy and precision robotic system that can perform complete microsurgical procedures with no manual assistance due to its high range of motion and integrated tracking system.


In recent years, robotic manipulators have proven beneficial in assisting surgeons in the performance of minimally invasive procedures with high precision and little tissue damage. Nonetheless, current robotic systems are not suitable for microsurgery procedures due to their limited range of motion, lack of tracking system, and bulky design. Furthermore, because microsurgery requires many instruments the robotic systems need to be equipped with multiple integrated arms that are capable of maneuvering different surgical instruments.


Researchers at UCLA have developed a robotic system that performs complete micro-surgical procedures by exactly mimicking the motion of a joystick controlled by a surgeon. The system incorporates multiple arms, which can be moved separately or in unison. Each arm holds a surgical instrument that is moved in real time, has high range of motion, and has access to a universal cartridge that facilitates connections for multiple utilities. The instrument precision is further refined by filtering and removing the natural tremor of the surgeon's hand. Additionally, because micro-surgery requires the instrument to mechanically maintain a fixed-point of rotation at the site of penetration, the system incorporates an integrated tracking system that allows the robot to compensate for patient movement. The tracking system also triggers automatic termination in the event that the patient moves beyond a determined threshold.


  • Minimally invasive microsurgery


  • Multiple arm manipulator robotic system
  • Exact mimicking of the motion of surgeon controlled joystick
  • Automatic instrument change
  • Integrated tracking system
  • High range of motion
  • Compatible with teleoperated, automated, and hybrid teleoperated/automated systems

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
Japan Issued Patent 6061974 01/18/2017 2009-300
Japan Issued Patent 6061974 12/22/2016 2009-300
Germany Issued Patent 602011030340.6 09/14/2016 2009-300
France Issued Patent 2523626 09/14/2016 2009-300
United Kingdom Issued Patent 2523626 09/14/2016 2009-300
United States Of America Issued Patent 9,283,043 03/15/2016 2009-300

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