Microfluidic Blotting Device

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Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 9,744,532 08/29/2017 2011-067
United States Of America Issued Patent 8,921,123 12/30/2014 2011-067

Brief Description

Conventional analytical techniques used for detecting specific analytes in a sample often fall short of performance needs for applications that demand high-throughput sample analysis or operate in resource poor settings.  These conventional techniques also often require harsh stripping steps which limit analyte quantitation, are labor-intensive, time consuming, multi-step procedures carried out by trained technicians and are impractical for use in a clinical setting.


UC Berkeley researchers developed an automated multi-dimensional microfluidic device which uses microfluidic technology to streamline all steps needed to obtain mobility and binding-based identity information in one continuous assay.  The microfluidic device includes a pan-analyte capture strategy using polyacrylamide gel grafted with concentrated point charges for analyte immobilization and detection.  The assays using this device complete in minutes and are readily adaptable to a broad range of multistage assays and multiplex testing.  The assays are also highly sensitive and specific.


Suggested uses


  • Rapid and automated bioanalytical separation, identification, and quantification
  • Multiplexed analyte testing (proteins, protein fragments, nucleic acid sequences, biomacromolecules)
  • Research, validation, and point of care diagnostic assays 
  • High throughput analysis
  • Alternative to slab gel Western Blotting




  • Label free detection
  • Pan-analyte strategy shown to advance protein immunoblotting performance through 200X reduction on sample consumption, 12X reduction in assay duration, and automated assay operation compared to slab-gel Western blotting
  • Does not require manual intervention and is less labor intensive
  • One cohesive device optimized for separation, transfer, dilution and blotting steps
  • Simultaneous multi-analyte detection    



Electrostatic Protein Immobilization Using Charged Polyacrylamide Gels and Cationic Detergent Microfluidic Western Blotting

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  • Herr, Amy E.

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