Noise Reduction Device for CO2 DCD

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The Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) is a revolutionary addition to the laser aesthetics industry in that it enables lasers, through the use of this cooling system, to be used for a variety of skin conditions without the pain or scarring sometimes accompanying laser therapy. Upcoming European restrictions on the coolants used with the DCD have forced users to find alternate coolants. CO2 is one front runner but the associated noise from the higher pressure CO2 has generated an unwanted distraction. Researchers at UCI’s Beckman Laser Institute have addressed this problem with noise dampening designs.

Full Description

The DCD laser systems on the market today are facing a serious challenge due to the upcoming ban of R-134A, the coolant used in the DCD for a variety of laser therapies. CO2 is a frontrunner replacement coolant for R-134A due to its low global warming potential and low cost. However, due to the higher pressure of CO2, the noise made during release and treatment can be a distraction to the physician performing the procedures and an annoyance to the patient.

Researchers at UCI’s Beckman Laser Institute are addressing this issue with new designs that, in addition to reducing unwanted noise, allow a completely unobstructed view of the treatment area and good maneuverability of the hand piece.

Suggested uses

DCD enabled lasers


  • Noise reduction
  • Zero global warming potential


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