DNA Demethylases and uses thereof

Tech ID: 19817 / UC Case 2007-D33-0

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  Imprinting regulates a number of genes essential for normal development in mammals and angiosperms. In mammals such imprinted genes contribute to the control of fetal growth and development. Human diseases may also be linked to mutations in imprinted genes or aberrant regulation of their expression.. Differential DNA methylation can be established during oogenesis or spermatogenesis by de novo methyltransferases and maintained somatically by methyltransferases. The conversion of cytosine to 5'-methylcytosine in promoter associated CpG islands has been linked to changes in chromatin structure and often results in transcriptional silencing of the associated gene. Transcriptional silencing by DNA methylation has been linked to mammalian development, imprinting and X-Chromosome inactivation, suppression of parasitic DNA and numerous cancer types.

This invention provides for demethylase polypeptides that excise methylated cytosines in DNA.

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 8,802,821 08/12/2014 2007-D33


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  • Fischer, Robert L.
  • Hsieh, Tzung Fu
  • Huh, Jin Hoe
  • Penterman, Jon

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DNA, methylation, demethylation, gene, expression, silencing

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