Vesosome: A Versatile Multi-Compartment Structure For Targeted Drug Delivery

Tech ID: 19353 / UC Case 1997-024-0

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An extremely versatile drug delivery system composed by a lipid-bilayer vesicle.


Vesicles of lipid bilayers are useful structures for drug delivery. The permeation rate, membrane charge, specific recognition particles, steric stabilizers, membrane rigidity, and phase transition temperatures all play a role in optimization of vesicles for particular delivery applications. Currently, vesicle design is restricted by conflicts among these properties, forcing trade-offs in the design of vesicle delivery systems.


Researchers at the University of California have constructed vesosomes by aggregating lipid-bilayer vesicles using biotin-streptavidin complexation and then encapsulating these aggregates in a larger lipid bilayer using the same molecular-recognition technique. These multi-compartment vesosomes offer a versatile means for designing delivery systems because they can distribute often incompatible attributes among the various membranes. Interior vesicle sizes range from 20-500 nm and vesosome sizes range from about 0.1 micron to greater than 1.0 micron.






The vesosome's multi-vesicle and self-assembly properties permit:

  • Division of incompatible membrane properties among the various membranes, allowing the possibility for sophisticated drug-delivery schemes
  • Optimization of bilayer composition and aggregate size at each step of the self-assembly process.


  • Extremely versatile drug delivery systems
  • Chemotherapy


The technology is available for licensing.


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Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 6,221,401 04/24/2001 1997-024


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  • Coldren, Bret
  • Kennedy, Michael T.
  • Kisak, Edward
  • Walker, Scott A.
  • Zasadzinski, Joseph A.

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