Group Coordination Protocol for Networked Multimedia Systems

Tech ID: 10195 / UC Case 2000-380-0


Collaborative Multimedia Applications (CMA) allow users to share information and efforts in real-time and are becoming increasingly popular for group tele collaboration across many networks.  However, many fundamental coordination problems in current multicasting systems limit the widespread sharing of virtual workspaces. The resulting consequences, such as flawed telepresence, mutual awareness coordination problems, speech initiation conflicts, and diminished interaction, can be remedied by an effective mediation protocol. 

Technology Description

Scientists at the University of California have developed a novel method of orchestrating the interaction and collaboration of groups working together on a computer network in real time. By using a Hierarchical Group Coordination Protocol (HGCP) embedded with a reliable hierarchical multicast, this method can support large groups on the internet instead of a few users within a local-area network.


  • Teleconferencing systems
  • Distributed interactive simulations
  • Distance learning seminars
  • Sharing resources in a virtual workspace


  • Able to support long-distance, many-to-many group collaboration
  • Shared access to resources by many users in real-time can be mitigated in a fair, distributed control process established by a network protocol
  • Permits more efficient conference control over a shared control tree with concurrent reliable multicast
  • Able to support selective, secure, and anonymous collaboration at real-time
  • Extends concurrency control and mutual exclusion technology to general multimedia semantics and direct user-to-user interaction, thereby allowing any collaborative application of the method from local to internet-wide scope

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 6,950,853 09/27/2005 2000-380


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  • Garcia-Luna-Aceves, Jose Joaquin(JJ

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Multimedia, collaborative multimedia, CMA, teleconferencing, interactive simulations, distance learning, resource sharing, virtual workspace, computer network, Cat3

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