Mpath: A Loop-Free Multipath Routing Algorithm

Tech ID: 10191 / UC Case 2000-355-0


Current routing algorithms in the IP internet provide either a single path between each source-destination pair or paths of equal length in cases where more than one path is provided. The issue with single-path routing is that it is inherently slow in responding to congestion and temporary traffic bursts. Multiple paths are better suited for congestion, but they can suffer from the bouncing effect and counting-to-infinity problems, which are debilitating to network performance.

Technology Description

Scientists at the University of California, Santa Cruz have developed a novel distributed routing algorithm for computing multiple paths that does not require equal length between each source-destination pair in a computer network. As a result, the paths are loop-free at every instant in steady state mode as well as during network transitions, equating to faster speeds in response to congestion. 


  • Network routing: a routing protocol for computing multiple routes of unequal cost and are loop free at every instant


  • This multi-path routing algorithm provides a significantly higher performance alternative to slow, single-path routing

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 7,203,191 04/10/2007 2000-355


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  • Garcia-Luna-Aceves, Jose Joaquin(JJ

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Multi-path routing, network routing, internet routing, router, network congestion, Cat3

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