Bandwidth Efficient Source Tracing (Best) for Wireless Networks

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Ad-hoc networks which consist of mobile hosts interconnected by mobile routers are used when there is no wired support in place. For instance, networks set up in natural disaster or military scenarios, and networks at temporary events all use Ad-hoc networks. Also, routers using ad-hoc networks can easily run routing protocols equivalent to wired networks. Due to their multi-hop and dynamic nature, these networks require a distributed routing protocol to forward packets between mobile stations and to-and-from the internet. However, wireless networks must use the least possible bandwidth, and mobility also increases the bandwidth usage. Therefore, there is a need for bandwidth efficiency and a reliable routing protocol for ad-hoc networks. The present invention satisfies this need, as well as others, and overcomes deficiencies in current protocols. 


Scientists at the University of California have developed a novel bandwidth efficient routing protocol for wireless ad-hoc networks. The UC protocol considerably reduces control overhead to increase available bandwidth and conserve power at mobile stations. This new process uses non-optimal routing in table-driven routing protocols to minimize updates and reduce retransmissions. It also provides strong user throughput results.


This invention has several applications in wireless networks, including:

  • Mobile networks
  • Community and emergency networks
  • Developing countries where no wired infrastructure exists


  • Reduces control overhead to increase available bandwidth and conserve power at mobile stations
  • Strong results in terms of the throughput seen by the user

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 7,002,949 02/21/2006 2000-350


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  • Garcia-Luna-Aceves, Jose Joaquin(JJ

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