Ferromagnetic Material - Semiconductor Nano-Composite Spin Injector

Tech ID: 22568 / UC Case 2006-725-0

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UCLA researchers in the Department of Material Science and Engineering have developed novel approaches for efficient spin injection for use in spintronic devices, such as the spin field effect transistor (FET).


Unlike conventional FETs that operate on electric current, spin FETs utilize the application of an electron's two spin states. In order to compose a spin FET, a ferromagnetic material is placed between two semiconductors. A key advantage of using spin FETs over traditional FETs is that the spin state of an electron can be detected and altered without necessarily requiring the application of current. Today, FETs are the fundamental building block for electronic devices however the spin FET may eventually provide a viable alternative to Si CMOS technologies.

The paramount challenge to constructing spin FETs is the process of electronically injecting spin-polarized electrons or holes into the semiconductor channel region at room temperature. The electrical conductivity mismatch between ferromagnetic materials and semiconductors make efficient spin injection fundamentally prohibitive for diffusion based current injection. Another approach to constructing spin FETs is to use a tunnel injection method but this procedure creates a high contact resistance which is detrimental to FET operations. Thus, a more efficient spin injection approach is needed for the realization of efficient spin FETs.


Researchers at UCLA have developed novel approaches for efficient spin injection such that near 100% of the charge carriers are spin polarized while avoiding the drawbacks associated with currently utilized methods.


  • Spintronics
  • Spin FETs
  • Computer memory
  • Data storage devices


  • Injects charge carriers efficiently with near 100% spin polarization
  • Avoids high contact resistance

State Of Development

The novel spin injector has been tested and reduced to practice.

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 8,101,984 01/24/2012 2006-725


  • Xie, Ya-Hong


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