Drag Reduction Humps for Truck Trailers

Tech ID: 11183 / UC Case 2008-841-0


Drag Reduction Humps for Reduced Aerodynamic Drag and Decreased Fuel Consumption

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Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed an add-on to existing truck trailers that will reduce aerodynamic drag and decrease fuel consumption. The current research extends findings of previous work, and successfully applies the add-on to reduce drag further. UC Davis researchers have optimized the device, and the predicted drag coefficient of the baseline model shows good agreement with experimental data.


  • The optimized design shows an effective drag reduction of 50.9% from the baseline.
  • The current optimized design may be applied immediately to trucks or tractor-trailers to reduce drag and fuel consumption.


  • Davis, Roger L.
  • Hsu, Fu-Hung

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drag reduction humps, truck trailers, aerodynamic drag, decreased fuel consumption


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