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Maximizing Ammonia Concentrations in Supercritical Ammonia Containing Solutions

A method for maximizing the concentration of ammonia in autoclaves containing supercritical ammonia at elevated temperatures. 

System for High-Temperature Solution Crystal Growth

An integrated, modular, and reusable apparatus for performing crystal growth using volatile and corrosive metallic and non-metallic molten mixtures. 

Simplified Non-Contact Electromagnetic Heating and Processing of Internal Volumes

A method that involves heating a sealed vessel where heat is generated within the vessel while the heating elements are located outside the sealed volume. 

Device Structure for Enhancement Mode Operation, Low On-Resistance and High Breakdown Voltage

A novel vertical power low-loss semiconductor multi-junction device in III-nitride and non-III-nitride material systems, which aims at providing enhancement mode (normally-off) operation alongside ultra-low on resistance and high breakdown voltage. 

Improved Device Performance from Current Apertured Vertical Field Effect Transistors by PEC Etching

A wet etching technique using photoelectrochemical etching (PECE). 

Increased Light Extraction with Multistep Deposition of ZnO on GaN

A method of depositing ZnO on III-nitride materials using a multistep approach involving the deposition of a thin seed layer followed by the deposition of a thicker bulk layer.

Enhanced Light Extraction LED with a Tunnel Junction Contact Wafer Bonded to a Conductive Oxide

A method of bonding transparent conductive oxides on III-nitride materials using wafer bonding techniques.

III-Nitride Tunnel Junction with Modified Interface

A method for improving the performance of semipolar III-nitride light-emitting devices. 

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