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Drug Delivery System using Hollow Gold Nanoshells with Precise Drug Release

This drug delivery method eliminates these issues, as NIR irradiation can be applied precisely at the disease spot, and at the intensity required for an appropriately timed release.

Electrically Tunable Fabry-Perot Cavities with Metal-Insulator Transitions in VO2

A hybrid semiconductor-VO2 device that exhibits large, broadband, and continuous tuning of reflection, transmission, and absorption resonances across the infrared spectrum.

Methods for Locally Changing the Electric Field Distribution in Electron Devices

A surface treatment that can shape the electric field profile in electronic devices in 1, 2, or 3 dimensions.

Fabrication of N-face to Improve Telecommunications Efficiency

A new method to fabricate nitrogen-face (N-face) nitride-based electronic devices with low buffer leakage, low parasitic resistance, and high breakdown.

Gated Electrodes For Electrolysis And Electrosynthesis

Gated electrode structures to improve the process of electrolysis and electrosynthesis.

Strategy for Detecting Residual Host Cell Proteins Using Aptamers

A proposal for the use of aptamers (nucleic acids that are selected for high-affinity binding to target ligands) for the detection of HCPs in recombinant biopharmaceutical products.

Pairwise-Learning Framework for Image Quality Assessment

A data-driven, machine-learning approach called the Pairwise-Learning Framework (PLF) that can automatically compute visual error between two images of a given scene in a manner that is consistent with human visual perception.

Misfit Dislocation Free Quantum Dot Lasers

A way to epitaxially grow quantum dot lasers on Si that are free of misfit dislocation.