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Continuous, Quantitative, Selective, Non-Enzymatic Glucose Monitoring Using Conductimetric Analysis

A new molecule that enables glucose monitoring using measurements of solution conductivity. 

A Method For Universal Two-Tap Feed-Forward Equalization Using A Differential Element

A fully tunable feed-forward equalizer with simplified addition and inversion operations that use a single differential element.

Ultra-Compact Energy-Efficient Neurocomputing Platform

An energy, area, and speed efficient time-domain VMM circuit and neurotrophic processor architecture.

Time-Domain Mixed-Signal Vector-By-Matrix Multiplier

A time-domain mixed-signal VMM exploiting a modified configuration of 1 MOSFET-1 RRAM (1T-1R) array.

Versatile Stochastic Dot- Product Circuit

A compact, fast, energy-efficient, and scalable stochastic dot-product circuit.

Variable Friction Shoe

The Variable Friction Shoe, which ameliorates the effects of drop foot.

A Sustainable Alternative Route to Produce Methyl Methacrylate

A sustainable alternative route to produce Methyl methacrylate (MMA) in an engineered yeast strain.

Iii-N Transistor With Stepped Cap Layers

A new structure for III-N transistors that is able to maintain a high breakdown and operating voltage while improving the gain of the device.