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Hybrid Integrated Optical Amplifier

A hybrid integrated optical amplifier that offers a significant reduction in cost, size, weight and power.

Reconfigurable Physically Unclonable Function (PUF) Based Security

A platform for highly secure and reconfigurable hardware-intrinsic security primitives, physically unclonable function (PUF), based on the emergent analog RRAM crossbar technology.

Self-Calibrating Hollow Microneedles

A new approach for building self-calibrating hollow microneedles that can be transferred to an electronic die or other substrates.

Methods for Fabricating III-Nitride Tunnel Junction Devices

Methods of physical vapor deposition for III-nitride tunnel junction devices.

III-N Based Material Structures and Circuit Modules Based on Strain Management

A method and composition to apply uniaxial strain on gallium nitrides to increase mobility and electron velocity.

Diels-Alder Chemistry for Bioconjugation and Incorporation into Non-Natural Amino Acids

A bioconjugation method to covalently link molecular entities to polypeptides such as antibodies using a simple one-pot process.

Geometrical Characterization of Surfaces from Noisy 3D Fluorescence Microscopy Data

A fully automated algorithm to determine the location and curvatures of an object’s surface from 3D fluorescence images.

Drift-Free and Calibration-Free Measurement of Analytes

A method of achieving the calibration- and drift-free operation of voltammetric electrochemical biosensors.