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Anchor Based Sequence Clustering Algorithm for Efficient & Accurate Motif Discovery

A new strategy for speeding up motif discovery, an anchor based sequence clustering algorithm (ASC) that works significantly faster and with greater accuracy than current motif finding algorithms.

Highly Stretchable & Flexible Electronic Sensors

A new approach to creating highly stretchable electronic devices using twisted conductive microtubules.

Cross-Linked Disulfides for Cathode Materials

A material that overcomes the limitations of Li-ion batteries and Li-S batteries and offers advanced performance with a stable cycling for more than 100 cycles and a capacity retention of 98%.

A Cavity-Free Self-Referencing Frequency Comb

A self-referencing frequency comb based on high-order sideband generation (HSG) that does not require cavities. Applications include "set-and-forget" optical atomic clocks and high-resolution spectrometers for airborne chemicals.

Method For Delivering Nanoshells Into Sebaceous Glands

Improved methods of treating acne and other sebaceous gland disorders by selectively targeting sebaceous glands.

An Iterative Mixer Architecture For Rf/Microwave Front-Ends

A way of reorganizing the conventional transmitter or receiver with RF gain reuse that save power consumption while maintaining a low local oscillator frequency (LO) frequency for mm-wave front-end circuitry.

Tunnel Junction Devices with Optically-Pumped III-Nitride Layers

A method of replacing standard electrical injection of the quantum wells in semiconductor devices with optically-pumping, by coupling a short-wavelength electrically pumped active region to a long-wavelength optically pumped region via a tunnel junction.

High Capacity Cathode for Use in Supercapacitors & Batteries

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have created a cost-effective method for manufacturing high capacity cathodes.

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