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Orthogonal Mode Laser Gyro

A method for preventing ring laser gyroscopes optical lock-up using orthogonal counter-propagating optical beams.

Paramagnetic Polymers for Improved Magnetic Resonance Imaging

A method using anions containing transition or rare-earth metals to provide paramagnetic functionality to polymers making them useful in magnet resonance imaging.

High Modulus, High Conductivity, Multivalent Ion Conductors

A design strategy for high modulus, high conductivity, multivalent ion conducting polymers for an array of energy applications based on metal-ligand interactions.

Low-Cost, Highly Scalable Solution for Integration of Laser or Light Sources with Silicon Photonic Circuitry

A low-cost, highly scalable approach to integrating a compound-semiconductor laser or light source with silicon-photonic circuitry.

Highly Stretchable Electronic Tactile Sensors

A stretchable electronic tactile sensor that can be stretched over 50% in at least two axial directions.

Dual-Labeled E-AB Platform for Continuous, Real-Time Monitoring of Small Molecules

A dual-reporter correction to enhance the performance of electrochemical aptamer-based sensors in whole blood.

Advanced Tunable Long-Wavelength Vertical-Cavity Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers

A tunable long-wavelength vertical semiconductor optical amplifier (VCSOA) that is tunable over a wide wavelength range.

Stand-Alone Ceramic Phosphor Composites for Laser-Excited Solid-State White Lighting

A method for generating a stand-alone ceramic phosphor composite for use in solid state white light generating devices that successfully reduces the operating temperature of the phosphor material by 50%, increases lumen output, reduces cost of materials, and decreases preparation time.

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