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Tunnel Junction Devices with Optically-Pumped III-Nitride Layers

A method of replacing standard electrical injection of the quantum wells in semiconductor devices with optically-pumping, by coupling a short-wavelength electrically pumped active region to a long-wavelength optically pumped region via a tunnel junction.

High Capacity Cathode for Use in Supercapacitors & Batteries

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have created a cost-effective method for manufacturing high capacity cathodes.

Oil-in-Water-in-Oil Multinanoemulsions for Templating Complex Nanoparticles

A process of creating multinanoemulsions using sequential high-energy emulsification.

Buried Tunnel Junction Aperture For III-Nitride Surface-Emitting Lasers

A buried tunnel junction (BTJ) device that further improves VCSEL performance through both current and optical confinement.

Solvothermal Growth of Single Crystals Using a Single Control Temperature

A method by which an experimenter can control the supersaturation for crystal growth. 

Group-III Containing Source Material For Bulk Nitride Solution Growth

A method for producing low-cost Group-III source materials.

A Structure For Increasing Mobility In A High-Electron-Mobility Transistor

A technique that results in a significant increase of electron mobility and sheet charge density at small channel thickness.

New Blue Phosphor for High Heat Applications

UC Santa Barbara researchers have created the very first monolithic and transparent blue-emitting phosphor that takes UV light and transforms it into blue light.

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