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On-Chip Calibration And Control Of Optical Phased Arrays

Optimized on-chip control architecture and optimized phase shifter tuning strategy that scales to extremely large channel counts with significantly reduced on-chip footprint.

Use of Augmented Reality for Enhanced & Efficient Communication Technologies

A communication interaction paradigm based on augmented reality that enables a remote collaborator to control his/her viewpoint onto a remote scene and communication information with visual references such as identifying objects, locations, directions, spatial instructions, etc.

Organic Light Emitting Diodes

Brief description not available

High Mobility Organic Semiconductors

Brief description not available

Mucoadhesive Devices for Oral Delivery of Various Active Agents

Effective and easily accepted system of oral delivery of therapeutic drugs.

Improved Performance of III-Nitride Photonic Devices

Use of uniaxial strain to improve performance in optoelectronic devices.

Achieving “Active P-Type Layer/Layers” In III-Nitride Epitaxial Or Device Structures Having Buried P-Type Layers

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have created both surface and buried p-type regions without the need for doping the materials with an acceptor.

Clay Activation Of Pd(Ii) And Ni(Ii) Complexes For Ethylene Homopolymerization And Copolymerization With Methyl Acrylate

A clay-supported complex that includes a metal complex containing a phosphinobenzenesulfonate ligand coordinated to Pd(II) or Ni(II), and a clay combined with the metal complex.