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Vertical Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers with Continuous Wave Operation

An m-plane VCSEL with an active region that has thick quantum wells and operation in continuous wave.

Reduction in Leakage Current and Increase in Efficiency of III-Nitride MicroLEDS

A way to reduce leakage current and increase the efficiency of III-Nitride microLEDs via ALD sidewall passivation. 

A Method For Fabricating Nitride Layers

A method for fabricating a semiconductor substrate with improved quality of the subsequently deposited semiconductor layers.

Laser Diode System For Horticultural Lighting

A system for horticulture using laser diodes without down-converting phosphors to use as a light source for horticultural lighting.

Versatile III-Nitride VCSEL White Light Illumination System

A white light source with an RGB phosphor horizontally oriented on or above a VCSEL array.

Multifaceted III-Nitride Surface-Emitting Laser

Improved laser capability using III-Nitride VCSELs as the illumination source for sensing applications of a fluorescent sample.

Algorithm for Diabetes Management and Control

A number of technologies have been developed that optimize the process of managing blood sugar and administering insulin.