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Improved Reliability & Enhanced Performance of III-Nitride Tunnel Junction Optoelectronic Devices

A structure for improving the performance and reliability of III-nitride based tunnel junction optoelectronic devices.

Flexible Organic Transistors with Controlled Nanomorphology

A simple strategy for controlling the nanomorphology of semiconducting polymers on surface-modified polymer dielectrics as well as a technique for fabricating flexible OFETs. 

Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth for III-Nitride Based Tunnel Junctions

An alternative MOCVD growth technique for III-nitride based tunnel junction devices where an entire MOCVD growth method is used and where the tunnel junction can be patterned during or after the growth.

Simple and Effective Strategy for Optical Band Gap Control in Conjugated Oligomers and Polymers

Researchers have demonstrated the ability to modulate the electronic properties of a conjugated molecule via interaction with Lewis acids that bind a basic site in the molecule.

Electrochemical Sensors for Single-Step Measurement of Specific Protein-Macromolecule Interactions

A protein-based electrochemical sensing architecture that provides a new and promising approach to quantitative, single-step measurement of specific protein-macromolecule interactions.

Continuous, Quantitative, Non-Enzymatic Glucose Monitoring

A system to measure glucose with light in which glucose concentration determines the light transfer between two florescent molecules.

Simple & Rapid Bacterial Detection

A strategy for the rapid, inexpensive, and simple detection of a variety of bacterial species.

Drug Delivery System using Hollow Gold Nanoshells with Precise Drug Release

This drug delivery method eliminates these issues, as NIR irradiation can be applied precisely at the disease spot, and at the intensity required for an appropriately timed release.