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Variable Friction Shoe

The Variable Friction Shoe, which ameliorates the effects of drop foot.

A Sustainable Alternative Route to Produce Methyl Methacrylate

A sustainable alternative route to produce Methyl methacrylate (MMA) in an engineered yeast strain.

Iii-N Transistor With Stepped Cap Layers

A new structure for III-N transistors that is able to maintain a high breakdown and operating voltage while improving the gain of the device.

Microfluidics Device and Methods of Detecting Airborne Agents

A microfluidic platform for real time sensing of volatile airborne agents.

Continuously Variable Inverse Harmonic Drive

A transmission that uses a variable sized drum, a rotating tensioner arm, and a dry adhesive band to create a compact, continuously-variable transmission that behaves like an inside-out harmonic drive.

Distributed Feedback Laser with Transparent Conducting Oxide Grating

Improved laser diodes which use distributed feedback (DFB) or distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) gratings to enable single wavelength operation in Group III-N lasers operating at visible or ultraviolet wavelengths.

High Speed Indium Gallium Nitride Multi-Quantum Well (InGaN MQW) Photodetector

A way to increase the bandwidth of InGaN MQW photodetectors to make them compatible with high-speed VLC links.

High Pressure, Laser Floating Zone Crystal Growth Furnace

A furnace that allows for the growth of crystalline material under applied gas pressures of up to 1000atm.