UC TechAlerts

UC TechAlerts

What are UC TechAlerts

  • These are email alerts of new technologies published that match your saved criteria (search parameters or technology category list).

  • You can set up a UC TechAlert with any combination of search parameters, or subscribe to a technology subcategory.

  • These email are sent at your preferred frequency.

Benefits of UC TechAlerts

  • Search Once...Save Once... Stay updated on new UC Technologies that match

  • Create a UC Techalert on any UC Campus website - receive technology matches from all 10 UC campuses

  • You can set up an unlimited number of UC TechAlerts.

  • Save time on inquiries. You account also pre-populates the inquiry form fields

Setting up UC TechAlerts

STEP 1: Register OR Sign in with LinkedIn

STEP 2: If you Register, then activate your account and Login / LinkedIn users, when you first use this, enter your preferred email that we should use to reach you.

STEP 3: Search for your technologies / Browse by Category

STEP 4: Use the menu bar Save Search button to Save the Search / Category List Query

Questions? Suggestions?

Please contact us at OIE_Support@universityofcalifornia.edu