Inter-Brain Measurements for Matching Applications

Tech ID: 32526 / UC Case 2022-028-0

Brief Description

This technology utilizes inter-subject measurement of brain activity for the purpose of matching individuals. In particular, the invention measures the similarity and differences in neural activity patterns between interacting individuals (either in person or online) as a signature measurement for their matching capabilities. Relevant applications can be in the world of human resources (e.g., building collaborative teams), patient-therapist matching and others. The application relies on the utilization of both custom and commercial devices for measuring brain activity.

Suggested uses

This technology can be applied in any scenario with a need to create matches between individuals. Here are a few examples of the extensive range of relevant applications.


  • In human resources: personnel turn-over or challenges in matching good team relationships is by far the biggest cost for any organization. At present, matching is primarily performed through interviews, in addition to recommendations about a given individual without any scientific measurements. This invention can quantify inter-personal matching.
  • In health care: this technology can be applied to patient-doctor matching (which is very important for mental health therapy)
  • Matchmaking: this technology can be applied to match individuals for dating. 



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  • Yartsev, Michael Moshe

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