Staged Fascial Closure Device

Tech ID: 32469 / UC Case 2021-749-0

Brief Description

The current invention enables the safe closure of an open abdomen during surgery when the abdominal fascia cannot be closed primarily.

Suggested uses

·Surgical closure

·Abdominal fascial closure


·The current invention simplifies and makes it safer to conduct a primary fascial closure procedure on a patient’s open abdominal fascia.

Technology Description

In the field of emergency and trauma surgery there are circumstances where an open abdomen is necessary secondary to a patient’s hemodynamics or disease characteristics. Occasionally primary fascia closure of the open abdomen is not possible, and this may lead to fascial retraction and even a loss of domain where it becomes impossible to close the fascia primarily.

The current invention addresses the safe closure of an open abdomen when primary fascial closure cannot be achieved primarily. The invention comprises of biocompatible re-absorbable meshes made for intra-abdominal placement that get affixed to the underside of the bilateral fascial edges with sutures in order for the surgeon to safely perform a primary fascial closure. One mesh is sutured to one fascial edge and another mesh is sutured to the opposite fascial edge and they interlock using a proprietary technology. The interlocking of the two meshes via the proprietary technology allows the surgeon to align the fascial edges attached to the meshes and perform a safe primary fascial closure.

Patent Status

Patent Pending

State Of Development

The invention is currently in concept stage only.


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  • Swentek, Lourdes

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