Gallium-containing MicroLEDs for Displays

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AlGaInP materials have been used for conventional LED applications, especially for red LEDs, due to its high efficiency in common device dimensions, but this advantage vanishes as the device size decreases. InGaN materials are suitable for blue and green LEDs, even with micro-sized devices, but the efficiency of InGaN in red LEDs is low due to high lattice mismatch in the light-emitting region. Therefore, there is a need to retain the efficiency of AlGaInP materials on the scale of a microLED.


Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have developed a novel method of integrating inorganic MicroLEDs with different emission wavelengths onto a light emitting substrate to form arrays of MicroLEDs. The AlGaInP LEDs are covered with reflective materials such that light only emits at desired positions, which can be modulated during the fabrication steps. As a result, the issue of sidewall damage and surface recombination of AlGaInP microLEDs can be avoided and InGaN microLEDs can be integrated into the same array. The high efficiency of AlGaInP LEDs is maintained and the efficiency of blue and green InGaN microLEDs is preserved as well. 


  • Improves efficiency for microLED displays
  • Leverages well-established fabrication techniques


  • MicroLEDs

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gallium, microLED, AlGaInP

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