Formation of Transparent Integrated MicroLED Displays

Tech ID: 31859 / UC Case 2019-430-0


While microLEDs have many benefits compared to conventional display technologies, constructing a microLED display is difficult due to the staggering number of devices that are required. Further complicating the process are the fundamental differences in producing green, red and blue microLEDs; all of which are necessary for creating a full-color display. Introducing this disruptive display technology to current product applications is primarily limited by production obstacles.


Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have developed a process for fabricating an array of integrated microLEDs on substrate “tiles”. The tiles are similar in size to a single conventional LED, allowing mass transfer of the resulting microLED arrays using a widely-implemented pick-and-place technique. Blue and/or green microLEDs are fabricated on the substrate while red microLEDs are later transferred to the substrate using parallel processing. One or more integrated circuits may also be fabricated on the substrate with the microLEDs. The substrate is diced into tiles and may be dimensioned as necessary for a display application. The microLEDs can then serve as pixels for full-color displays.


  • Transparent display
  • Parallel processing
  • Leverages established LED manufacturing techniques and equipment


  • MicroLEDs
  • LEDs

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Patent Pending


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