Fabricating III-Nitride Semipolar and Nonpolar Lasers on Scalable Foreign Substrate to Large Area

Tech ID: 31855 / UC Case 2019-405-0


Typical c-plane devices with longer emission wavelengths exhibit low efficiency. In principle, growing GaN-based devices on bulk GaN substrates with semipolar or nonpolar orientations can overcome this issue. However, the substrates are expensive and only available in small sizes, which limits the adoption of semipolar or nonpolar optical devices for solid-state lighting.


Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have developed a method that achieves the world's first semipolar laser on a large area sapphire substrate; specifically the first semipolar (11-22) blue laser diodes on a 2- inch sapphire substrate. The method also works with a silicon substrate and is scalable from 2 inches to 6 inches and larger. The foreign substrate can be patterned into trenches to reduce the stacking fault and dislocation density. The cost of the semipolar and nonpolar substrate is significantly reduced due to the low cost of the scalable foreign substrate having a large area.


  • Increased device efficiency
  • Scalable substrate size
  • Reduced substrate costs



  • Laser Diodes
  • VCSELs

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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