Homogeneous Freestanding Luminescent Perovskite Organogel with Superior Water Stability

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UCLA researchers in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering have developed a perovskite-embedded organogel with superior water stability and versatile design and mechanical properties.


Perovskite, a crystalline calcium titanium oxide-like mineral with favorable electron transport properties, is a promising optoelectronic material because of its high device efficiency and facile, readily scalable solution-processed manufacturing. However, several challenges hinder its mass production and commercialization efforts: low environmental (water) stability, structural restriction to inhomogeneous 2D films or powders, and high energy fabrication that can require stringent conditions such as a glovebox. There is a need for new strategies to overcome these challenges and establish a low-energy-cost procedure to synthesize high water-resistivity perovskite materials.


UCLA researchers have developed a convenient and universal one-pot synthesis strategy to create homogeneous perovskite-embedded luminescent polymer gels. The material contains a polymer matrix, which provides a protective hydrophobic structure, with embedded photoluminescent perovskite nanoparticles. The polymer-gel is highly stretchable and resistant to water and aqueous acid. The perovskite nanoparticles are synthesized in-situ with ultra-low-energy requirements and potential to scale for industry production. The optical properties of the perovskite nanoparticles are also chemically tunable, allowing light emission over a broad-range of the visible light spectrum.


  • Stretchable white light emitting diode (WLED)  
  • Organic electronics (photovoltaics, transistors) 
  • Perovskite solar cells 
  • Luminescent solar concentrator (LSC) 
  • Bio-imaging


  • One-pot synthesis with ultra-low-energy requirement  
  • Compatibility with any polymer-gel monomer provides products with a broad range of tailored mechanical properties 
  • Scalable for industrial production 
  • Designs that are compatible with fast 3D-printing technology 
  • Superior perovskite material water stability and versatile mechanical properties 
    • Highly stretchable with a > 950% elongation at fracture 
    • Stable in both water and aqueous acid for more than 100 days 
  • Optical properties are chemically tunable, allowing light emission covering a broad-range wavelength

State Of Development

The method has been used to successfully create a homogeneous freestanding luminescent perovskite organogel. The polymer-gel had > 950% elongation at fracture and demonstrated long-term water resistance with no obvious PL intensity decline in both water and aqueous acid for more than 110 days (vs. 10~80% drop in 3-60 days in previous reports).

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  • He, Ximin

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