Antenna-Co-Designed UWB Impulse Transmitter for Size-Constraint Applications

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Researchers in the UCLA Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering have developed an antenna co-design for FCC-regulation-compliant IR-UWB transmitters that can be applied to wearable devices and implantable medical technology.


Ultra-wideband (UWB) radio (3.1-10.6 GHz) allows for very high data transfer rates over a short distance, with minimal use of energy. UWB systems, however, suffer from middle, in-band interference that severely affects performance of the system. In order to achieve wide spread use and acceptance, the FCC emission limit (low-frequency radiation of UWB radio) has to be eliminated. To date, to overcome this limitation, UWB impulse radios (IR-UWBs) have been developed that eliminate the low-frequency radiation at the expense of size and energy efficiency. New and improved IR-UWB designs are needed that eliminate low-frequency radiation without sacrificing the benefits of UWB.


Researchers at UCLA have developed an antenna co-design for realizing FCC-regulation-compliant IR-UWB transmitters that are small and energy efficient. The design directly utilizes the transmitting antenna bandwidth to confine the radiation power spectrum, eliminating the need for pulse-shaping filters and reducing the overall power consumption. To maximize the power transfer efficiency, a folded-dipole antenna with the bandwidth of 7.8-9.5 GHz is co-optimized with a Gaussian mono-pulse generator. The design has been successfully prototyped and tested to show each impulse emission consumed an average energy of 2.6 pJ. Operation at 100 Mpulse/s sufficed the FCC regulation and showed the -10 dB bandwidth of 6.8-8.6 GHz. The newly designed IR-UWB transmitter showed promise for size-constraint and ultra-low power properties.


  • Wireless transmission antenna 
  • Wearable device 
  • Implantable medical technology


  • Compact in size 
  • High energy efficiency 
  • Enhanced durability

State Of Development

Design has been successfully prototyped and tested.

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Patent Pending


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  • Babakhani, Aydin

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IR-UWB, transmitter, antenna co-design, size constraint, energy saving

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