Fragment-Based Stabilization Of 14-3-3/Client Protein-Protein Interactions

Tech ID: 31712 / UC Case 2020-117-1

Invention Novelty

UCSF and Technical University of Eindhoven investigators have identified molecular fragments that stabilize 14-3-3/phospho-peptide and 14-3-3/phospho-protein interactions.  Further structure-guided and empirical medicinal chemistry will lead to a drug lead for the most advanced target (estrogen receptor).  


Value Proposition

Systematic approaches to stabilizing protein-protein interactions are nonexistent in the literature; this particular focus on 14-3-3/client complexes allows researchers to address many high-value targets in oncology, neurodegeneration, inflammation, and metabolism.


Technology Description

To date, the demonstration of the discovery/linking method is unique for this target and for stabilizing protein-protein interactions in general.  By identifying the underlying rules for molecular recognition of 14-3-3/clients by small molecules, these hit compounds may also be starting points to discover stabilizers for new 14-3-3/client complexes.


Looking for Partners

To develop & commercialize the technology for drug development.


Stage of Development

Proof of Concept


Data Availability

Under CDA


Patent Status

Patent Pending


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  • Arkin, Michelle R.

Other Information


14-3-3, protein-protein interactions, drug discovery

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