Deconstructive Fluorination Of Cyclic Amines

Tech ID: 31688 / UC Case 2018-110-0

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Application WO2019232245 12/05/2019 2018-110

Brief Description

Cyclic amines bearing an optimal substituent on the nitrogen atom can be converted to value-added linear fluorinated products. Many of these fluorinated amine products are not known and even the ones that are known are prohibitively expensive. This new method accesses these fluorinated building blocks. The chemistry can also be used to achieve late-stage skeletal diversification of interest to the pharmaceutical and agrochemical fields and possibly materials applications.

Suggested uses

  • Late stage diversification of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals
  • New fluoroamine building blocks
  • Tailoring technologies for pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and smart materials


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  • Sarpong, Richmond

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Fluorination, fluoro amines, late-stage functionalization

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