An Antenna Design Method to Realize Endfire Radiation with Vertical Polarization

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Researchers from the UCLA Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering have developed a method to realize endfire radiation with vertical polarization on low-profile and compact resonant antennas, allowing for high selective frequency responses and low energy cost.


Endfire radiation pattern of low-profile and compact resonant antennas offers strong radiation on the horizontal plane, making them ideal for use in communication systems such as ground-wave or vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Polarization in the vertical plane, however, suffer from less attenuation and disruption in signal versus the horizontal plane. Currently, the vertical polarization of an antenna with endfire radiation requires the use of bulky and complex structures, or squint beams which wastes energy. A simple, energy efficient design to vertically polarize such endfire pattern antennas would be ideal to help further the development of communication systems.


Researchers at UCLA have proposed an antenna design, based on cost-effective on-board/on-chip fabrication techniques, to create endfire antennas with vertical polarization and high selective frequency responses. The design would save input energy versus the design of the same communication system on a horizontal platform and the high selective response would prevent undesired off-band crosstalk and better isolation. The design is compact in overall size, saving board/chip space, and can be used for both single antenna and phased arrays to achieve superior scanning and performance.


  • On-chip antenna design 
  • Integrated circuit design 
  • Ground-to-ground communication technology


  • High selective frequency responses 
  • Low energy cost 
  • Room-saving for on-chip circuit design

State Of Development

A comprehensive method is proposed, and the first successful demonstration was performed.

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Patent Status

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United States Of America Published Application 20200381834 12/03/2020 2019-534

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  • Itoh, Tatsuo

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Antenna, Endfire radiation antenna, ground-to-ground communication, vertical polarization, frequency

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