TRM: Tbx18-CreERT2 Mice

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The TBX18 (T-box 18) transcription factor is a key player in the formation of the sinoatrial node (SAN) formation during embryonic development.

Technology Description

The Tbx18-CreERT2 knock-in/knock-out allele has the endogenous T-box18 promoter/enhancer sequences directing expression of tamoxifen-inducible Cre recombinase. 


These mice allow specific and inducible genetic manipulations in vivo for studying pericytes and vascular smooth muscle cells in multiple tissues, as well as proepicardium/epicardium cell lineages and pacemaker cells of the sino-atrial node.

State Of Development

The mice are designated Tangible Research Material (TRM). A complete description, including genotyping, phenotyping, etc is found at The Jackson Lab cat. No. 031520;

Intellectual Property Info

Academic and non-profit institutions please order directly from The Jackson Laboratory. Commercial entities require a license from UC San Diego contact (


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Other Information


Sinoatrial node, embryonic development, pacemaker cells

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