Retaining Injection Efficiency and Optical Properties of Laser Diodes with Built-in Polarization Fields

Tech ID: 30604 / UC Case 2019-411-1


The tradeoff between injection efficiencies and optical properties has been an obstacle in laser diodes since their inception. The dopants which are used to improve the conductivity and injection efficiency of these devices are the source of the compromise. As more dopants are introduced, optical losses are increased. Circumventing this compromise would benefit all applications of laser diodes. 


Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have discovered a method for retaining a laser diode’s conductivity and optical integrity by minimizing intentional doping and instead taking advantage of the device’s built-in polarization fields. This improvement in laser diode technology will allow for higher power conversion efficiency as well as decreased optical losses.


  • Enhanced power conversion efficiency
  • Reduced optical losses


  • Lighting systems
  • Quantum information
  • Visible Light Communication
  • Laser medicine

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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Laser, Laser diode, Optics, Laser medicine, Visible light communication

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