Urine Metabolomics For Identification Of Novel Biomarkers For Transplant Injury

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Invention Novelty

This invention discloses a method for the non-invasive detection of renal allograft injuries–acute rejection, BK virus, and/or chronic allograft nephropathy–via a panel of novel biomarkers. 

Value Proposition

Currently, the most effective method of treatment for end-stage kidney failure is kidney transplantation. Despite advances in transplant procedures, both immune and non-immune issues persist after transplant, leading to failure of the allograft. Increasing the lifetime of the allograft is crucial due to the shortage of kidneys and furthermore, kidney donors. Thus, there is a long-felt need not only for non-invasive detection of allograft injuries, in lieu of currently invasive biopsy procedures, but also, treatment of allograft rejection processes.  

Technology Description

The Sarawal group at the University of California, San Francisco have developed a method of diagnosing renal allograft injuries by the use of urine metabolomics. The method makes use of the small molecule signatures produced by renal allograft injuries such as acute rejection, BK virus, and chronic allograft nephropathy. Based on diagnostic screening, appropriate methods of treatment for a specific, or a combination of, allograft injury(s) can be prescribed. 

This novel invention provides the following advantages:  

  • Non-invasive detection, superseding the need for an invasive biopsy to the patient, in the determination of a renal allograft injury
  • Rapid and straightforward detection using readily available instrumentation through biomarker screening produces
  • High sensitivity in differentiating between renal allograft injuries by the use of a novel panel of biomarkers.
  • Tailored treatment methods based upon renal allograft injury diagnosis 


Looking for Partners

To develop and commercialize this technology as an effective method of diagnosing renal allograft injuries through a novel panel of biomarkers and method of treatment based on thereof.

Stage of Development

Clinical validation 

Data Availability



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