Covalent Organic Framework With Exceptional Water Sorption Properties

Tech ID: 30543 / UC Case 2020-005-0

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China Published Application CN 114981335 A 08/30/2022 2020-005

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Brief Description

A new covalent organic framework (COF) with defective square lattice topology and exceptional water sorption properties stemming fro its unique framework structure. The COF exhibits a working capacity of 0.23 g(H2O)/g(COF) between 20 and 40% relative humidity without displaying hysteretic behavior. Furthermore, it maintains these promising water sorption properties after several uptake and release cycles. This material could be used as a sorbent for water harvesting or other water sorption related applications.

Suggested uses

This covalent organic framework can be used for a variety of water sorption applications, such as in:


  • water harvesting devices to deliver water which can be used for human consumption or irrigation of crops
  • heat pumps
  • dehumidifiers
  • adsorption refrigerators
  • solar cooling systems



higher water sorption (working) capacities and lower energy consumption in comparison to other sorbent materials

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  • Yaghi, Omar M.

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