Automatic Identification of Ophthalmic Medication for The Visually Impaired

Tech ID: 30535 / UC Case 2019-684-0

Brief Description

Researchers at UCI are developing technology that allows visually impaired patients to use their smartphones to take pictures of their eye medication/eye drop bottles. The technology will recognize the eye medication and verbally communicate the medication and will audibly confirm the medication along with the instructions on use.

Suggested uses

·Identification of correct eye medication for patient use.


·Smartphone use allows patients to access medication information wherever they are.

·Machine learning allows quick integration of new medications on the market

·Verbal confirmation of medication and dose allows confidence that patients are taking correct medication

Technology Description

For visually impaired patients, taking the correct medication can be a frustrating process. Often times doctors’ instructions are scribbled illegibly and pill bottles or eye drops have tiny fonts. Taking the correct medication and dose is necessary to stop or reverse disease progression.

Researchers at UCI are developing a technology that allows visually impaired patients to use their smartphones to identify their medication and receive audible confirmation of the doctors’ instructions. This allows patients to have confidence that they are taking the correct medication as prescribed.

State Of Development

Researchers are currently at the experimental stage, while working to develop a working model. Once a working model is developed, they are seeking to incorporate a user interface defined by Apple and Android app platforms.


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