Quality Factor Enhancement For Highly-Selective Miniaturized Bandpass Filters

Tech ID: 30355 / UC Case 2019-492-0


UCLA researchers in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering have developed narrowband and high-selective filters with zero-insertion loss.


Effective frequency resources have become a critical component in mobile communication systems as their applications diversify.  Narrowband and high-selective filters are employed in devices to obtain such frequency resources, but these types of filters suffer from large insertion loss when implemented in a miniaturized format.


UCLA researchers have developed a quality factor enhancement technique that mitigates the large insertion loss issue in narrowband highly-selective miniaturized bandpass filters.  The zero-insertion loss characteristic is accomplished by the parametric amplification effect, which compensates any loss introduced by the finite quality factor of passive components, e.g. capacitors, inductors/microstrips.  The proposed technique is compatible with conventional integrated circuit (IC) fabrication processes and is potentially operational at high frequency bands.


  • High-bandpass filters
  • Power amplifiers


  • Zero-insertion loss
  • Compatible with conventional integrated circuit (IC) fabrication processes
  • Potentially operational at higher frequency bands

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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  • Wang, Yuanxun E.

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miniaturized bandpass filters, passive circuits, power amplifiers, resonator filters, time varying circuits, quality factor enhancement

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